July 9, 2020


I hope that this communication finds you and your loved one well and in good health.  As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives, to include conducting activities at the Post.  During the Post’s ongoing closure, we are still able to financially pay our bills and keep good maintenance of the building and grounds while it is not occupied. Though we may be closed for most operations, let me assure you that we have not been idle. During this closure, we have disinfected the entire inside, we applied and received ABC’s "COVID-19” permit to serve alcohol outdoors, and supported two of our WW2 Veterans Birthdays.


As your new Commander, I want each of you to know that the Post is still dedicated to serving our fellow Veterans and our community.  I, like many of you, look forward to when we can reopen again, however the current crisis limits what we can do at the moment.  


Currently, we are allowed to conduct indoor meetings of less than 45 individuals. As such, both the Members and the Auxiliary have met this week.  Unfortunately, we are still barred from serving food and drinks inside at the moment. We are looking into different ways to begin serving meals and drinks outside, and expect a test run in early August.  However, in order for us to do this within the Governor’s Executive Orders, and the Department of Health’s and ABC’s rules and guidelines, several significant items need to occur.  First and foremost, we currently do not have enough volunteers for these events.   Additionally, we will need to have several precautionary measures in place per the State’s COVID-19 rules.


When the Post does reopen, please keep in mind that a lot of the changes were not made by any member but are being directed by the State. The Post will follow these rules and regulations, so that we do not lose our license or receive any fines.  We are asking for your patience as this is new to all of us.  Once we do reopen, I ask that if you feel that you cannot abide by the State’s rules and regulations concerning COVID-19 and the Post By-Laws, then please wait until such time you feel more comfortable.  We are all eager and looking forward to reopening Post 7677, but this will take all of us and a lot of effort to reopen, and, most importantly, following the rules after we open.


I want to thank all of you for your continued dedication to our fellow Veterans and our common cause.  Please be safe by wearing a face covering, washing your hands often, practicing social distancing and avoiding large crowds.  Together, we will get through this.



Mark A. Preston


Medford VFW Post 7677